Prefer to change the code rather than write a workaround

I can't count how many times I've heard programmers talking about writing some new piece of code to work around the behavior of some other code which they don't want to change. You are a programmer - you are allowed to change code! In fact, it's your job! Just change the code to do what you want! Fix the bug! Change the behavior! Add the feature!

I'm talking about situations where you know how to solve your problem, but you've chosen to implement that solution in some additional layer of code on top, rather than changing the original problematic code. As has been expressed many times before, code is a liability; the more code you have, the worse off you are. So just change the original problematic code instead!

There are some basic technical excuses one might give for why you aren't able to change the code. For example:

Some people work in an environment where these excuses are valid, and they might find it hard to believe, but there are many environments where these excuses don't apply. Try to move from the former to the latter: don't use software where these things are an issue, make software open-source rather than closed-source, and quit your job in favor of work that has good developer tools.

There are also some social/political excuses. For example:

Fear not! Just change the code!